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Illinois ASA Hall of Fame 2010

Jeff Lonnon Accepting for his father Gary Lonnon

Gary Lonnon - Player - Cerro Gordo

Gary Lonnon who is now deceased was an all around outstanding player from Central Illinois during the 1960's. Lonnon was named to three Illinois ASA Men's Major Fast-pitch All-State Tournament while playing for Cerro Gordo, Decatur Perfect, Perfect Window Cleaners, Decatur Rileys and Maroa Red Door. Lonnon was a perennial .300 hitter and he hit a career high seventeen home runs during the 1961 season.

Mike Martin spoke on behalf of his late friend Gary Lonnon. Martin highlighted Lonnon career, which included three times being named to the Illinois ASA first team All-State for his individual play at the state tournament. Martin said, "Gary, was a annual .300 hitter and was very good on defense." Martin closed by telling everyone, "Gary, was a true gentleman." Martin introduced Gary Lennon son Jeff, who accepted his Illinois ASA Hall of Fame plaque on behalf of his father.

During Jeff Lonnon remarks he said, "I'd like to thank Mike for doing this for my father." He went on to say, "My father used to tell me a story while we were in Canada fishing about Eddie Feigner from the 'King and His Court' about the time he got s foul ball off of Eddie Feigner. So to me that foul ball was one of the most memorable experiences he had playing softball." Lennon closed his remarks by thanking everyone involved in this organization with a simple 'Thank you very much."

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